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SmartLipo Press Coverage | SmartLipo New Jersey

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SmartLipo Press Coverage | SmartLipo New Jersey
SmartLipo Press Coverage | SmartLipo New Jersey
SmartLipo Press Coverage | SmartLipo New Jersey
SmartLipo Press Coverage | SmartLipo New Jersey

06/7/2007 - Cynosure Introduces Higher Power Smartlipo™ LaserBody Sculpting Workstation

Cynosure, Inc. (Nasdaq: CYNO), a leading developer and manufacturer of a broad array of light-based aesthetic treatment systems, today announced the launch of a new, higher power Smartlipo LaserBodySculpting (SM) Workstation. The new 10-watt workstation is intended for high-volume aesthetic laser practices, allowing a physician to complete a typical laser-assisted liposuction procedure in about half the time as the original 6-watt workstation. [Click here for full article]

09/18/07 - Smart liposuction Liposuction is the most popular form of plastic surgery in the United States, and now there's a procedure that's much faster, with a quicker recovery. [Click here for full article]

01/26/09 - Alma Lasers Announces FDA clearance of the UniForm Handpiece
Buffalo Grove, IL. (January 26, 2009)

Alma Lasers Ltd. (“Alma”), a leader in laser, light and radiofrequency-based aesthetic devices, announced today the FDA clearance and immediate availability of the UniForm handpiece. The UniForm is the fifth module available on the Accent™ XL radiofrequency device. The UniForm has received FDA clearance for “the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite.”

The UniForm handpiece is comprised of Alma’s propriety UniPolar technology for the delivery of RF therapeutic heat into the dermal and subdermal tissue, accompanied by a mechanical massager component. The mechanical component increases circulation in the subcutaneous tissues producing superior results.

“We are extremely excited to announce the FDA’s clearance of the UniForm handpiece as it offers patients a consistent way to reduce the appearance of cellulite with minimal downtime or discomfort,” said Howard Kelly, CEO of Alma Lasers. “This most recent regulatory achievement allows us to continue offering innovative and effective solutions for all physicians while furthering Alma’s success in the aesthetics industry.”

The UniForm handpiece incorporates Alma Lasers’ IN-Motion Technology that enhances the session’s speed, comfort and ease of use. IN-Motion Technology gradually heats the layers of skin to the target therapeutic temperature, so there is minimal risk of injury to the patient and allowing the procedure to be virtually pain-free.

“We have been extremely happy with the Accent™ XL system. Our patients have been very satisfied with the consistent results they are seeing and the fact that the treatments are fast and comfortable is an added bonus,” says Karen Harkaway, M.D., Board Certified Dermatologist. “Of all the RF systems on the market, I feel the Accent™ XL offers the widest breadth of treatment options and the most consistent results."

01/23/08 - New Liposuction Technique - Body Jet If you've ever heard about liposuction or its technique, you've probably heard of tumescent liposuction. Body-Jet liposuction was developed from the tumescent technique, allowing this new procedure to bring about better results. [Click here for full article]

Body Jet Water Assisted Liposuction Body-Jet is water-jet assisted liposuction which is a new procedure that is changing the face of liposuction. Being more gentle than traditional liposuction, the body-jet uses water to loosen the fat. Some of the benefits of water assisted liposuction include:. [Click here for full article]

Smart Lipo MPX SmartLipo MPX is a liposculpting technique which relies on the power and energy of two lasers to dissolve stubborn fat while tightening skin. The technique uses both lasers to achieve more precise results, with less downtime and trauma than are experienced with traditional techniques. [Click here for full article]

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